Nathaniel Cook

Nathaniel Cook is a relative newcomer to the jade art scene.  He began carving at the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association's Camp Brotherhood Symposium in the summer of 2013 under Master Carver Deborah Wilson.  Since then, he has begun to develop his own portfolio of work and teach beginners' workshops in jade carving.  As Bull Trout Jade's resident artist as well as Vice President, he is constantly balancing his work of carving jade with the struggle to find and stake new deposits of high-quality nephrite.

As a physiology major and math minor from the University of Washington, Nathaniel's style is heavily influenced both by biological forms and by visually-pleasing mathematical ratios.  "There is an inherent beauty in nature simply because of the way it adheres to fibonacci ratios and certain other interesting mathematical forms," says Nathaniel, "but I also enjoy creating completely new forms that embody these basic mathematical principles.  I've been told that my abstract work looks a bit like a modern interpretation of art deco, which I take as a huge complement since a lot of art deco relies heavily on those fractal ratios that make forms naturally pleasing to the human eye."

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